-Who’s able to trade futures?

People who have commitment, determination and desire to succeed.
-Why do some people lose money trading futures?
They do not have appropriate tools like algorithms.
-What did you do to earn money via trading futures?
Use my algorithms which are similar to Wall Street firms.
-What did you do to earn money via trading futures?
Use my algorithms which are similar to Wall Street firms.
-What’s your experience as a trading teacher?
Eight years of trading and teaching students how to trade futures plus 16 years of teaching MBA students in a university setting.
-What are your student traders’ results?
Their results are similar to Wall Street firms’ daily profitable trades.
-What are the most important requirements to be a good trader?
It is imperative to be teachable, disciplined and patient.


-Tell us about the trap of the conscious mind.
The public does not know that highly successful traders do not use conscious mind which leads to making wrong decisions by trying to guess, anticipate, chasing market, believing, or expecting.
-How does your teaching method train the conscious mind?
The brain requires rewiring so all trades are subconscious using algorithms that takes thinking process away -- just push buttons to buy and sell.
-Among all possible options, why did you choose futures?
They are preferred financial instrument by professional traders where risk and rewards are balanced to achieve high profits.
-What about the brokers? Are all of them fair?
No, I am using the same broker for 10 years.
-Does your experience as a pilot or scuba diver help to control your mind?
Certainly, both help to control my mind, be disciplined, follow the rules, and develop skill and patience.

-Did you teach at a University? Where?
As an Adjunct-Professor, I taught at Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University for 16 years. I taught a variety of Advanced Financial Courses in the MBA program to students specializing in Finance and Accountancy.
-Is there any link between your work as a teacher and your knowledge as a trader?
In teaching, I applied the most advanced teaching methods to deliver subjects.
-What are algorithms and how does your algorithm work?
Algorithms are hundreds of mathematical equations that provide calculations for variety of market conditions such as regression, momentums, speed and velocity of money flow, relations between buyers and sellers, divergences, high and low of the day, statistical analysis of overbought and oversold market conditions, volatility identifying best entry points and exits, split contract management, just to mention a few.
-How much money could I get with a single trade?
If you start trading 1 contract, you could make between $200 and $400 in 1 hour.
As you build your account, you start trading 10 and more contracts that will multiply your profits tenfold and more.


-How long does it take to acquire the trading skills?
For teachable and highly committed and motivated individuals, it takes between 1 and 2 months.
The trading manual is only 2 pages.
-How can you help people become successful traders?
Through daily homework and practicing skills.
-Does your prospective students need a lot of money to start trading?
No, a prospective student can open an account with the brokerage firm with $2,500.
-What would the student get after paying $750 for algorithms?
The package consists of free teaching, free platform, and free support.
-Do you accept any person as a student?
No, a potential student must take a test that helps to eliminate
gamblers and people who want to get rich overnight.
-Is there any limit of students you train per year?
-Could you give a percentage of success among your students?
Students who follow algorithms and are disciplined and patient
customarily succeed and become highly profitable.